Key Information

What we do

The main aims of STTPN are
•The South Tyneside Training Provider Network (STTPN) will work to enhance the quality and promotion of employability and vocational learning (work based learning) throughout South Tyneside, represent and promote the joint interests of its membership, work to secure effective lifelong learning provision and to support learners in South Tyneside
•To represent and present the collective views of members to such bodies as deemed appropriate
•To provide a forum in which local providers can take an active part in influencing the development of policy
•To work with stakeholders in South Tyneside to increase the profile of WBL through attendance at meetings and working with decision makers to influence policy

In summary, we are a group of organisations who collaborate together to promote training as a positive post-16 option and to continuously improve the quality of training provided.

As a network, we meet seven times a year to discuss a range of relevant issues, share good practice and organise activities promoting training in the area.