Reece’s Story

Reece’s Story

Published: 3rd December 2018

I started working with Lee Doyle from Energy Made Simple (EMS) this year who were looking for an apprentice after failed attempts with other training providers and recruitment experiences of his own. I was a learner at Springboard on their Springboard Works programme before that a ESF funded programme DurhamWorks. I had been with Springboard for just over a year. I came to Springboard after being referred by my DurhamWorks advisor because I wasn’t having much luck finding an apprenticeship or employment because I didn’t have any experience and I lacked in confidence, and was keen to learn and develop my skills. I was enjoying coming to Springboard where they offered me a business admin placement for work experience to help build my skills. I worked within their main office, supporting the staff, answering phone and email enquiries and supporting the needs of the staff day to day. I would do 2-3 days a week and even managed to secure a second placement on my days off to help get more experience for my CV. Throughout this time I was still applying for apprenticeship and job vacancies and was starting to get responses now. The staff helped me do some work around my interview skills and techniques as well.

Reece’s Springboard assessor said;

“Reece was very quiet when attending Springboard and seemed as if he lacked in confidence so I was unsure if the vacancy at EMS would be for him at first and so was not offered to him straight away, until I started working with him more and realised his potential. I then set up a 2 weeks work trial with the employer to see how it went, where he really impressed the employer with his ability to pick things up easily and work hard where he was completing tasks at a fast pace. Within those 2 weeks, I even noticed a change in Reece’s attitude, confidence and communication skills. It was so refreshing to see.”

“As you can imagine both Reece and I were ecstatic when the Employer agreed to take Reece on as an apprentice in business administration. This was the break Reece had been looking for and I couldn’t be more proud of what he has achieved. Just goes to show what a little hard work, persistence and determination can achieve.” Andrea Tracey – Business Skills Assessor